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-Performative Writing-Circle doing word

-Theory Workshop-Isn't that a cultural thing?

-Theory Workshop-Testifying practice

-Feedback Session Report I

-Feedback Session Report II


The connection between space, body, and time give me a lot of inspiration. MMM is really helpful for me. During the different MMM project, I consider my research deeply. 


In the first introduction of MMM, we brought the object which has the special meaning for us. I brought the sketch book with the red cover which is a necessary thing for me. I have to write down or draw down everything I think, it is like my second brain, even more clear than my real brain. In my group, the other two university students brought the Chinese brush and canvas. These three stuffs are important to our work, the sketch book and the canvas are the thing that we record text and image on it, and the Chinese brush is the tool we use to record. We tried to change these three stuffs’ function and change the way that we used to ‘record’.   We used the lighter to burn the canvas and the sketch book trying to make them have a special smell. Then, we put the smell on the Chinese brush and ask everyone to smell it. During the process of smelling the Chinese brush, everyone focus on the brush, seriously and silently. The scene was a little ridiculous and like a ritual. It was an interested experience to think in a totally different way. It can bring out more layers of object, presentation and experience of the audience. 



Extending the body by creating a shell, and because the extending the border of the viewer, and being touched by sound. The material allows the artist and the viewer to experience touch, touch through sound. We invite everyone to come and form a circle and then invite someone to come and sit, in their action of accepting they are accepting their fate. 



In another body group, we sneaked photos of different people, then sent the unknown messages to them. It was the uncomfortable experience and can realize the digital touch.


Interact with the object

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In the space week, we depicted the different materials in the city in order to record the route and the place we walked.


We moved together as an animal, and took the video of our shadow. The shadow is like an organism, and it will change to different shape because our movement and the time. We though it is a kind of interaction with the space.

Time, Waiting and Predestination
The first time I listened to this song, M83-wait (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAwYodrBr2Q), I repeated around 20 times, and I cannot stopped imaging the world which is operate without time. The feeling likes the first time I read the short story, A clean, well-lighted place which was written by Hemingway. I felt nothing, I am not fascinated with nihilism. But after I listened the song or read the story, I felt I lost something gradually. That made me started thinking about time, waiting, and predestination. I believe that everyone has an experience that you have to wait something and you couldn’t control or change it, for example: waiting in the short term: waiting a bus come, waiting a period ended, waiting the washing machine done, or waiting in the long term: waiting the age to smoke legally, waiting retiring and waiting death. We all experiment a lot of moment to waiting in our life, I think we are all waiting for the time pass by. To response the concept of time, waiting and predestination, I have two works about it. The first one is ‘ A predestined Viewing’ This work consisted by the wipers and the video. The content of the video is the process in the car washer, which is fantastic to me. Every time in the car washer, I have to waiting in the car, the moment just like the short escape from the reality world. Within the waiting process, time seems to freeze. 
The second one is ‘ A predestined waiting’. I observed the daily lives of my grandparents, I found that they always sit on the couch, open the television and stare at it or nod. In this scene, the time seems stopped, and they are waiting for the time end which the day they end. These works let me associate with the short text in Macbeth, and it can also present the concept of mine with time, waiting, and predestination. In Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, Macbeth said:


“She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

Time-Final project

‘Thank you for waiting’ we would like to raise awareness for the everyday struggle that goes unnoticed: waiting. In today’s society waiting is regarded as negative, punishment, a pain to endure. However, waiting can be instructive and meaningful. It can be an opportunity to invest in others. To create empathy, connect and bring about social change. We are not wasting time!

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Performative Writing-Circle doing word


‘The Ideal Island’ by Jui-Tsz Shiu

I’ve been looking for a while, I carefully select on the globe, I ceaselessly zoom in, zoom out and wander on the google map. I searched from the path which I walked home in my childhood, which cut the farmland into two triangles with the odor of compost and poultry, from the night I cannot fall asleep, which I listened to the radio and feared to lose the precious things.

The island locates in the middle of the largest ocean, the weather like the spring. It doesn’t have a name or coordinate, I don’t know how can I find it. I will dig the hole on the hill with the shovel made from wood, the scale of the hole will fit my body. I will wake up in the hole with the sound of waves, and fall asleep in the hole with the swaying of the broad-leaved forest. After the countless day and night, I will know that I am ready. When that day comes, I will lie down in the hole to feel the moisture of sail and the stifling heat of the subtropics, and then, I will sleep deeply and lose consciousness. After I wake up again, I will still stay in the hole, continue to look for the unknown thing which I spend whole life to pursue. I will finally realize, and feel pleasure to unload the shell. To be the disembodies object, to be the island.

Theory Workshop-Isn't that a cultural thing?

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Objects map with Christos and Alexandra

In first session, we brought three object which related to our own culture or art. The first thing I brought is the Buddhist scripture and the Buddha statue which my mom gave me when I was around 6 years old. At that age, I started to understand the world. The Buddhist scripture affected me deeply, it built up some part of my personality. These two stuffs always let me feel peace and calm, and make me be the quiet person. I read the scripture and trying to understand the meaning, it attracts me. Some scriptures are talking about the better world which people will never feel pain and stress, which I look forward. It also affect my concept of art, I always trying to imagine the better place, a spiritual place, just like the world in Buddhism. The world is virtual, which only exist in people’s imagination. When I was a child, I cannot stop imagine the spiritual world, and now, I am trying to construct the imaginary space. The second one is a noveI Orphan of Asia, I read it when I was 16 years old, it let me think about the situation of Taiwan. Not only about history but also tell about the difficult situation of Taiwan and Taiwanese. Nowaday, some of Taiwanese are still struggle in the identity. Our country build in a chaos, two kind of ideology debate for long time. Our generation is grow up in an embarrassed environment of policy, the oppression by China.  The third object is Google map. My first memory to the world is from the map. I used to travel through the map and the globe. I also interested in some instruments of earth science such as sundail and compass, they are the way we measure something abstract. From the map, I imagine my position in the virtual distance, and let me constract the relationship between the place or area and me, or my country and the world. At the same time, it built my cognition of world wild cultural system. Through the google map. I can know wherever I am, it affects my project directly.

Artist Biography


Once entering the website, there is nothing, only the white background, and then if people move the mouse randomly, the information will show up. After clicking the information. The artistic bio as the introduction of me and my background, I would like people to get into the atmosphere of my works. The artist bio pages are like a process of searching, people have to move their mouse on the white page to find the sentence to get into the next page, the sentences are all about how can we describe the imagery thing or concept, which is also important in my context.



My artistic biography is all about searching, I construct myself through the process of searching. I am looking for different thing in different periods, and most of time I feel anxious, stressful and lost. I am keeping to find the way and find the end. For me, the unknown thing is the destination, and I will spend my whole life to measure, to imagine, and to depict the unknown thing, furthermore, it looks like a core with a lot of tracks surrounded, the tracks are like the cures to give the information about the core, but they will never close to the core. I think my works and context are like the cures, they will be physical in order to trigger people to imagine the core.


The ladder is like a timeline but it is both-way, I will continue to climb up and down. Every point on the ladder is the stuff or the process to inspire me as a human and an artist. During my growth process, I got different kind of education, and I met diverse people who affected me deeply, also, the environment is changing. It is hard to say who or what shape my personality and the way I understand the world. However, I still remember the Buddhist scripture which I read when I was 7 years old, and I spend few years to understand the meaning. For me, the Buddhism is not a religion, it is the story to imagine the better world, and it become the start point of my thinking as an artist. I am a normal person, and I do not have some strong point or effect to support me to be an artist, due to this, I think my artistic biography is like a mystery and it will never be clear, and I will always confuse.

Theory Workshop-Testifying practice

Thank you letter


Thank you for spending your beautiful 30 years to be a mother, to construct a family, and spending 12 hours per day for work. I know you trying your best to give us the better environment and education which you didn’t have in your childhood. You are the strongest woman in the world, give birth to me, feed me, raise me up, support me and treasure me even more than myself. Thank you never give up, even after the serious disease, I cannot image that if one day you are not here, not warm, not talk to me anymore, you didn't really enjoy the world, really feel relax in the past 30 years cause you keep working. If I can, I am willing to shorten my lifespan to change your health and extend your lifespan. Thank you always give me the encouragement and support physically and mentally although you never understand my works. Thank you sacrifice yourself.


Thank you accompanied me in my whole childhood. Thank you spoil me, gave me a lot of secret money, bought many toys and clothes for me. Thank you that you are wise, there were a lot of books in your house, it’s my paradise in my childhood. Thank you taught me tradition and culture, let me be the real Taiwanese.


Thank you made the most delicious dishes of the world, I miss them every night when I feel hungry and homesick. Thank you accompanied me in my whole childhood too and sometimes act as my mother to show on school's event. Thank you always take care of my body. My favorite thing in my childhood was go to the traditional market with you, the market full of many kind of smell, crowded and noisy, but I felt comfortable with you.

Grace Lee

You are the best girl of the world, thank you that you are so strong, smart, warm, mature, honest and kindness, and thank you to be my friend. I will never forget the afternoon in our third year of seiner high school, thanks to your accompany in our adolescence, that is the most beautiful, crazy, and brilliant period in my life, even now, six years past, I still always recall the days. You make me be the better girl.

The professors in the university

Thank you guys are so strict, stubborn and self-confident, but can always stimulate my potential. Thank you made me super stressful in that four years, made me confuse and made me question myself. Thank you for leading me into the grand artistic world, and willing to have the conversation with me. Thank you guys teach me how to be the artist, how to stand in the right standpoint, how to criticize the society, how to be aware and how to care to political issue.

My younger brother and older sister

Thank you guys make my life to be complex, disturb my whole childhood and deprive my resource. Thank you share the expectation and pressure from parents. Although we almost fight with each other everyday in our childhood, I really happy that there are someone will be with me as family in whole life. Thank you guys for taking care of me and the family until now, seems that I am the one who will never grow up, and thanks to your responsibility which I don’t have as a member in family.

My wired teacher in elementary school

Thank you to introduce the poets from Rabindranath Tagore and other important literature in my early age, they really help me a lot. You sent the postcard to me when I was 10 years old during the summer vacation, you travelled to Nepal. From that time, Nepal became the mystery country in my mind. It was my first time to hear about that country, I started to search it on the globe and world map, I didn’t have a computer on that time, the only thing I can do was imagine that country and put them in to some story I know. After 13 years, I really went to Nepal, to experience that beautiful county which you depicted in the postcard. I still keep it in my drawer, unfortunately, I cannot find the lake which on the postcard. Thank you made me be creative.

Feedback Session Report I

Feedback Session Report-Jui Tsz Shiu.jpg

My interest to the space began from the period in university. Sometimes I was attracted by some normal place in daily lives, and these place triggered my imagination and extracted my concept of space. I called this attraction as ‘Magical moment’ which make me feel the place react me with its magic. In my opinion, once I open my mind to feel the space, the space will hug me into its body. For example, once I was in the underpass which I passed through by scooter everyday. On that day, I observed the shape of the underpass, the movement of my body, the light’s colour and the material of the wall, then, I can feel the interaction between us. It was waiting for me, and after I entered it, it pulled me out with its strong power, it seems like the esophagus. I focus on the relationship between people and space, not only the practical building but also include the atmosphere of the space and how can the space react to people.

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5錄像截圖拷貝 拷貝.jpg
6錄像截圖拷貝 拷貝.jpg
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螢幕快照 2019-11-25 下午6.34.20.png

In the same period, I wanted to translate my experience with space into art works. I extracted some elements of the place and mixed it with my imagination, and then build a real construction to make the audiences really feel they are in the deliberate place in order to experiment some moment or feeling which I want to reproduce. Furthermore, I think the interesting part of my works is the audiences’ interaction with works, which I can control their posture, route and sight through the works. After some pieces of works in the similar pattern, I found that the interaction and imagination between audiences and construction is limited. The practical part of the place is the leader, and the audience is the follower. I started to think about how can I change the situation which people can dominant the place.


Place is the concrete object which has clear function. People all have experience to be in the different architecture, and each architecture brings people diverse feeling and memory. When someone says “that place is...”, we can imagine the place in our own way based on our experience, and I believe each imaginary places are diversity although they are all begin from the same description. This is my start point, I would like to build a place that only exist on people’s imagination. My work can be divides into three parts: introduction, practice, and visualization. I put these three parts in the story trying to make it like a mystery, the practice is like a treasure hunting, and the introduction provides clues.

In the introduction, I create a virtual person named Guanyin who only lives in the other people’s description and the surrounding objects. He or she does not have a gender, certificate or other clear image. The video is a conversion, the protagonist is talking to audience about Guanyin and a short introduction of Guanyin’s house. Then, in the practice part, the audience will listen a audio guide of Guinyin’s house and their eyes will be covered. The audiences cannot see anything, they will follow the audio guide to visit the house. I tried to avoid practical clue about the house in the audio guide to make the audiences imagine by their selves. In the third part, I recorded the process of the practice, and then built the sketches of house according to the audiences’ posture and behavior.


The first time I presented this work is on the course, I presented the video and some sketches of the house. I got a lot of feedbacks and suggestions. Some people from Asia had the question about Guanyin because it is the name of god in our culture. Guanyin has a strong meaning of religion, and the reason why I chose this name is because Guanyin can show in every image. It is a concept and people imagine it based on their own belief. Furthermore, some people talked about the way of visualization. They provided some nice technical idea of presentation and recording such as 4D camera and the sight of recording, but I still confuse of the final form of this work because it has a lot of possible to develop, and I am not sure if I will keep the current form or not. I would like to keep the vague shape of the work. Also, during the studio visit with Marc, he suggested me to think about the way to present as an exhibition. How can the work be shown if the audiences just pass by? It inspired me to try the visual way to tell the story, because the videos are like the recording. The feedbacks let me think more deeply and try to make a visible installation. I extracted two elements in the story: the cement room and the portrait of Guanyin. I translated them into cement plate with sunlight and the blurred picture, and put them on two sides of the pulley system. I installed the sensor on the picture to make the picture visible but cannot be seen, it will raise when people walk to the picture. In my opinion, the installation is a metaphor of the story, and I hope it can convey the feeling. In the feedback session, the sketch of the building and the process of experience were shown at the same time to make the work more clear.

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Feedback Session Report II

Jui-Tsz Shiu-Feedback session II report.
Jui-Tsz Shiu-Feedsdback session II repor

About Non-Exhibition

The Non-Exhibition is the online exhibition which is before the construction, it is more like the aggregation of my concept. The online exhibition as an abstract sketch, it seems to bring more space and possibility than the physical exhibition. In the online environment, I can present the works which not only exist in the specific place, but also from the past to the future in order to show the more complete context. For me, the Non-Exhibition is like the map in my mind, which can guide me the direction and show the atmosphere of the field. Furthermore, the online environment as a virtual place, audiences can have their own habit of viewing, reading and wandering, and they can imagine the exhibition by themselves.

Once entering the website, there is nothing, only the white background, and then if people move the mouse randomly, the information will show up. After clicking the information, there are floor plan and artist bio, these are the two main points of my feedback session. The artist bio as the introduction of me and my background, I would like people to get into the atmosphere of my works. The artist bio pages are like a process of searching, people have to move their mouse on the white page to find the sentence to get into the next page, the sentences are all about how can we describe the imagery thing or concept, which is also important in my context. The floor plan is a kind of presentation, I put my works and ideas in my ideal gallery which is not that spacious but I can see different levels in the space. On this page, people can click on every object or word to entering the specific image.

About the works, I have been focus on the imaginary place, and trying to present it through people’s movement and gesture. From the work which I presented in the first feedback session until now, I keep to looking for more possibility about this idea. New Utopia is the second work which is the extension of The Imaginary House. It is the reproduction of the pre-sale house billboard, which bring the illusion about the wonderful live to people, and make people imagine the future and purchase the house which is non-existed. In the exhibition, I show some ideas and try to make a scene by Cinema 4D, they seems like the pre-sale house, which only have an image but without the physical construction.

During the feedback session I got a lot of suggestion, the main comment is about the website, I would like the audience to be in the process of searching when they view the website, and some people said the way to show the artist bio is interesting and they think it is similar with my works. Then, I got some inspiration from Mark Mander’s floor plan, it is his self-portrait as a building. He put the abstract concept into the building, and the floor plan is like the guidance of his mind. In this feedback session, I did not present the specific work but the main concept of my creation, due to this, I did not receive a lot of feedback about the work, however, I still got a lot of ideas from lecturers, and also made myself understand what is the direction and what is the next step.

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Jui-Tsz Shiu-Feedback smlession II repor
Jui-Tsz Shiu-Fmmeedback session II repor
Jui-Tsz Sllhiu-Feedback session II repor
Jui-Tsz Shiu-Fmmeedback smlession II rep
Jui-Tsz ,lShiu-Feedback session II repor