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My previous works


The idea of my recent development is from my previous works and the interest in space. In my previous works, I usually built up the temporary places such as tunnel and underpass, or the video installations which put the objects in different way. In these works, I would like to provide an experience which is extraordinary but close to the reality, it is like an escape from the daily lives. It is interesting to make a relationship with the place, and there is a lot of points can be discussed, I hope the audience can feel the atmosphere in my works and interact with the place. To transform the visual experience is also the important idea in my previous works, it will bring up audiences’ imagination. For me, I always put myself in the imagination of the space, and try to present it through the physical way. Thus, to extend the concept in my previous work, I keep searching the way that how to depict the mental image, how to measure the distant in our imaginary or how to built the place in our mind. To transform our mental landscape into  the visual way, I started my recent works, and looking for more possibility.

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The perception of space from the map


I usually wander in the various of map, such as world map, floor plan, ancient map or schematic diagram, which can show the relationship between me and the place. Then, I will walk through the space in the map in my imagination, and construct the unknown place depend on my memories. Also, from the map, I learned the history, political situation, and the world view. These are the important concept for me as an artist.

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One of my teacher in the elementary school sent the postcard to me when I was 10 years old during the summer vacation, she travelled to Nepal. From that time, Nepal became the mystery country in my mind. It was my first time to hear about that country, I started to search it on the globe and world map, I didn’t have a computer on that time, the only thing I can do was imagine that country and put them in to some story I know. After 13 years, I went to Nepal, to experience that beautiful county which I depicted in my mind. For me, our feeling to the place is always relate to our emotion, experience and memories.

Two years ago, my friend and I held the exhibition which is relate to the geographic area, and we would like to connect the geographic area with our mental area. Tamsui was the place we lived and returned to every day; it was also a place for our emotional attribution. Tamsui River has brought the prosperity and development of this area; along the river to the right side of the estuary, Tamsui flourishes at the junction where the river meets the sea. While the emerging population relocates to the northern part of Taiwan, there is only one main road leads to the city center; because of this geographic feature, the road along the river and the metro become the arteries to go in and out of Tamsui. From the emotional connection toward the road of Tamsui to its geographic environment, further through geographic locations, roads, and traffic to transfer the abstract and emotional memories into personal experiences—the paths of leaving and returning. The core of the exhibition started from our perception and restatement geographically and historically toward the road, connected the narration of our experiences and memories, and presented it with our observation and imagination of the road. 

2018 The Wandering Land