Ideal Island

Dimensions Variable / Spatial installation / 2020

There is one day I wandered at the coastline at night, I saw the far lighthouse rotated regularly, and the beam irradiates circularly on the ocean, land and my eyes. The light house as a centre, it divided the invisible area by its beam, and my sight followed the beam from the light house to gaze its territory. It seems to verify the existence of the objects when the beam irradiated on their dark surfaces, and it also likes to search an unknown thing ceaselessly. I imagine that there will be an invisible island faraway, it only appears when the beam of the light house irradiates on it. The island has to be in the world, however, our world cannot accommodate a new anonymous island anymore. So, on the contrary, we accommodate the world into the island, and then the island can exist everywhere.

© 2019 by SHIU JUI TSZ