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Lost House


錄像裝置 video installation

尺寸依場地而定(錄像58’42’’, 13’15’’)dimensions variable (video 58’42’’, 13’15’’)

此件作品以藝術家祖母的口述記憶作為切入點,從敘述中捕捉祖母對於其家屋的記憶、身體 感及情感,並嘗試建構對於祖母家屋的想像。藝術家將祖母敘述中抽象的感知與實際的距離、時間並置,為視覺與經驗的缺乏找尋想像家屋的路徑。作品中以祖母閉上眼的時間與一小時的車程作為回憶與現實上到達家屋的差距,藝術家嘗試依憑祖母的描述在其家屋原址上 想像,卻僅能推測出輪廓,作品以此想像的貧乏對比祖母記憶中深刻且豐富的家屋形象。 

The oral recount of the artist's grandmother opens up a narration which attempts to construct the house according to her emotional and physical memory. The artist juxtaposes the abstract material with actual measures of time and space to picture the way leading to a place of few visual pointers. The scenes of the grandmother closing her eyes and the one-hour car ride present the time difference between the memory and reality of the distance to the house. However, the outline built out of speculation seems only a frail picture contrary to the vibrant image of the house from the grandmother’s recollection. 

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