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過渡 Interim


聲音、數位輸出、木 sound, digital prints, wood

尺寸依場地而定dimensions variable

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有意識或無意識地接受一個新的文化與環境的過程,像是在跨越抽象的廣闊海域。這個無論 是實際上或心理上的跨越都像是一場持續許久的航行,習慣、理解及意識都像船的型態在未 知的海域中漂浮、搖晃。藝術家將這種跨越比喻為象棋棋局,將兩個地域簡化、規範在方格 內,移⺠者像鳥類般地俯視,以為可以輕易地越過界線,然而在現實上卻是以接近停滯的速 度在兩個場域中間過渡;跨越中的身體像是下棋時的手,懸置於半空,分辨不清是拾起還是放置。此件作品以棋局概念象徵跨越過程的感受,作品物件呈現靜止的狀態,以隱約的下棋聲提示著跨越的進行。 

Accepting a new culture and environment, consciously or unconsciously, is like crossing a vast ocean of abstraction. This crossing, physical or psychological, is a long-lasting voyage where habit, understanding, and awareness float and rock like boats across unknown seas. The artist compares the process to a chess game where the two lands appear in the simplified and standardised form of grids while the immigrants overlook below like birds. What seems to be an easy crossing over the border is, in fact, an intercrossing zone moving at a near-stagnant speed. The body in transition is the hand manipulating chess, suspended in mid-air, and it is hard to tell whether to pick up or put down. The work uses the concept of a chess game to symbolise bodily transition. The objects appear static in the faint background sound of the chess game, which hints at the ongoing movement of the crossing. 

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