5 ways to pack, Jui-Tsz Shiu, 許芯慈
5 ways to pack, Jui-Tsz Shiu, 許芯慈

5 ways to pack, 2021

During a long-term search for the way to approach the ideal place, I look back to my own history, I carefully explore the places that are deeply engraved in my memory and body. In this book, I am searching for the ways to carry the places as well as the ways to imagine and recall memories. I pack places into my body through recalling, imagining, generalizing and appropriating. 5 ways to pack is a document of my current artistic practice, which takes a story narrating as a carrier to weave my art, consciousness, emotion and research together.



One of my friends unintentionally saw my death in the news. Of course it was not on television. Besides that, no one watches the news on television nowadays, even though I do think that my death would be more impressive if it were nationally broadcasted. He learned of my death from an article of the local media while scrolling on Facebook. “Today is the day she finally sets off.” I guess he would think like this, without any emotion.


The after-treatment of death is troublesome; death is less a single event than a series of annoyances, a protracted nuisance. A few years ago, I became aware of how distressing this would be, so I decided that I would have tried to do something about it, slowly, but surely. I met that friend during this period. “How can I deal with it?” I asked him, asking myself at the same time: “How can I deal with my properties and personal belongings, my house, even the whole of my messy documents?” He sat next to me and rolled some tobacco into a cigarette paper: “Probably like this: packaging everything!” He added: “Just like packing when moving or shopping, you can package your own life. That’s it.”


Therefore, I started packing my life over the following years. More precisely, I have been arranging my memories, habits, residences, as well as the knowledge and perception of the world bit by bit, layer upon layer. I wrap them around my psychological body. Generally this is not simple. The only easy things are those in which I am already wrapped. But I am trying to do it with everything, slowly but surely.

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