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Jui Tsz Shiu 許芯慈
Jui Tsz Shiu 許芯慈

Ghost in Lives 日子裡的鬼

120x120x300cm / video installation, single channel vedio / 2018

This project recreated a sundial to be the main visual and had the artificial projection represented as the sunlight. Removed the actual function of the sundial, I used it to remind the audiences about time passing. The images on the sundial exhibited the thoughts toward the time. The street light was a metaphor for the sunlight and the part on the sundial that absorbed the light was a metaphor for a spinning person.


This work appropriated the idea of the ancient sundial, which could express the abstract mindset via concrete objects. A sundial is an imprecise timer; yet, it became a guideline in the timing system while recording the time through specific objects. As the light changes from the earth rotation that shows on artificial equipment are defined as time; meanwhile, the time causes actual changes to human bodies. I noticed that there is a subtle nuance between the changes of the time on sundials and the time records on human bodies. I compared these with an absurd linkage and sought to find the connections between various images and objects. After describing the connections between concrete subjects and virtual images, I tried to tell a story in the area and explain the time passing with delicate clues.

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