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Jui Tsz Shiu 許芯慈

Making Art


單頻道錄像 single channel video


cooperate with Neela Pirwitz

Artistic identity is the result of a series of interactions between self-imagination and social practice. It includes past, present or even future experiences being channeled together into one. In others word, it is the product of an individual’s context, history and background. Artists project their own identity on their artworks consciously or unconsciously. Unconscious decision-making often takes over when artists are in a ‘flow state’, being completely absorbed by the process of making art. The source of the unconscious decision-making is the artistic identity of the artist, which affects the artist’s intuition and aesthetic experience. This video is based on the analysis of interviews with three different artists about how they make art and the process of their artistic practice. The creators attempt to understand the identity which the artists project onto their work and how it affects the artist’s decision-making. The video depicts a talk show which is discussing the process of making art. The creators purposefully remove the identity of artists in the video, leaving the interpretation of the content up to the more imagination of the viewers.

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