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Jui Tsz Shiu 許芯慈

想像的居所 Imaginary House 


單頻道錄像 single channel video


Jui Tsz Shiu 許芯慈

在頻繁地搬家、尋找更理想住所的過程中,藝術家思考如何在陌生空間內搭建理想的佈局, 以及所謂理想的樣子該如何想像。此件作品以身體為媒介,嘗試描繪由經驗與記憶所建構的 想像空間。藝術家模擬看房的情境,邀請參與者聆聽語音導覽、將其眼睛蒙蔽,在完成房屋 導覽後,藝術家將每位參與者的看房過程,依照其路徑、動作與距離,繪製出個別的房屋素 描,此件作品像是將想像過程視覺化的實驗,也像是窺視了參與者的身體感與經驗的輪廓。 

In the process of frequent relocations in search of an ideal place to live, the artist imagines the desired layout in an unfamiliar space. The work takes the body to depict the imaginary space constructed by experience and memory. The artist simulates the experience of a house visit, inviting participants to follow the audio guide with their eyes covered. After completing the house tour, the artist designs house sketches based on each participant’s personal experience, including the routes taken, body gestures and measures involved. The work experiments with visualisation and serves as a peek into the contours of the participants' bodily sensations and experiences.

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