Imaginary House 理想的屋

7’14” / single channel video / 2019


‘Imaginary House’ is the sketch of imagination which connect to the body, experience and the imaginary place in order to research the relation between body-experience-imagination and the possibility of the virtual building. Generally, the place is defined the concrete area which constructed by the surroundings. When people describe somewhere, they usually use the visible conditions of the place, then others who never been there will assemble and build up their own imaginary place in their mind through their experience and memory. The artist invites the participants to visit the non-existent house only through the audio guide, the participants cannot see anything. Then, the artist extracts the process of construction in the participants’ mind and transforms it into the visible form through their pace, posture and track in order to present the place which only exist in the imagination.

© 2019 by SHIU JUI TSZ